Brownsberg kayak canoe adventure

Aantal dagen: 
Prijs per persoon: 
Euro 245,-

Brownsberg is a beautiful tour with unique consistency of nature adventure and survival. Experience the Brownsberg nature in a whole different way and enjoy from a night sleeping on a desert island under a beautiful sky full of stars!

Day 1

By bus we drive to the Brownsberg. After a drink and a snack we walk to the Leoval. From here, we walk through the creek to the Ireneval. Now we can see how the creek is running and explore the area much better. When we arrive in the Ireneval, we will have a nice dinner and you can take a shower under the waterfall. After everyone has enjoyed his stay at the Irenefall, we walk through the regular route back to the plateau. We hang up the hammocks and enjoy a nice dinner and a beautiful evening. 

Day 2

In the morning we walk from the plateau to the Witti- creek. Here we can take a swim and then we walk to the lake, where our boats are ready. After our lunch we board the boat and paddle to a deserted island on the lake.

We take our stuff out, set our tents up and we make a mobile kitchen. Now we have time for swimming, fishing and relaxing. We will prepare our food by dusk and enjoy it under a beautiful sky full of stars.

Day 3

After breakfast we pack our things and we start sailing. Among the many trees we make our way to the village Brownsweg. When we arrive, we take another dip in the lake and then we dry our clothes. We enjoy our lunch and load the boats on the trailer. The ride back to the city can begin!