• Varen door de rustige wateren van de Coesewijne rivier
  • Startpunt Coesewijne kano
  • Paramaka te Coesewijne
  • Startpunt Coesewijne kano

Coesewijne nature reserve kayak canoe adventure

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The Coesewijne Nature Reserve, north-west from Paramaribo is a special area. This area is totally different from other rainforest areas in the south of Suriname. In this watery area with swamps, savannas and tidal forests we will seek for capybaras, giant otters, caimans, manatees, monkeys and a lot of special birds, like the harpy eagle. This will be a big adventure for young and old.


Day 1

Our adventure will start in Paramaribo, we will gather at “Fietsen in Suriname”. With a jeep we will go to the starting point: the Boven Coesewijne River.The jeep trip will take about 2,5 hours passing the airport Zanderij, straight through Coesewijne. We will canoe along the small Boven Coesewijne river. If the water is low we’ll have to get out our canoes several times to pass obstacles and fallen trees. During our dinner we’ll enjoy the sounds of the jungle. There will be nobody else, just us and the jungle. 

Day 2

Today we will canoe the Coesewijne River and pass Pakoeli, this is the place where STINASU used to have its guesthouses. We will stop frequently to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Coesewijne Nature Reserve. We will probably see a lot of special birds like the osprey, weaver birds, and various parrots. We will find a place along the river where we can prepare and eat our lunch. After that we’ll start our last part of the tour and canoe back to Pakoeli where the jeep is waiting for us. At the end of the day we will return in our “wooden city” Paramaribo.

Inclusive: guide, overnight stay in tent or hammock, meals, transport, canoes and equipment, camping equipment.

How’s the weather?

Because of the wind you won’t notice how bright the sun shines, so make sure you will protect yourselves frequently by using sunscreen, factor 30 at least.

Is this canoe tour tough/heavy?

No, everybody in average condition and health can participate to this tour.

What kind of canoe do you use?

We use canoes for 2 persons. They have a comfortable back rest and enough space for luggage.

Can I go without any experience?

Anybody without experience can go with us on this trip. We do advice people who are inexperienced to practice some times to get a little experience. The whole tour there will be an experienced guide who will help you.


Will there be dangerous animals?

Basically there will be no dangerous animals, but you will see a lot of mosquitos during the evening. Make sure you have some spray, a t-shirt with long sleeves and a pair of trousers to protect yourself against mosquitos.


Do I need to buy special equipment?

Almost all equipment will be made available by Travel4Pros. If you  have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will get an e-mail with extensive pack list from us. 

Are there any age-limits?

Basically we don’t have age-limits. We do find it more important that you are flexible and a team player. This trip goes through a wild and unpopulated nature, so there might be a chance that we make another route than the route that we had in mind.

Excluded: insurance, any personal expenses.