Jeep Safari

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Prijs per persoon: 
Euro 80,-

This tour is mainly driven behind Zanderij and Paranam. This breathtaking tour goes through a rugged savannah, through creeks and a large part of the old railway line. The area is characterized by shrubs, white sand, creeks and woods. Here are skills and knowledge of the area an absolute requirement. It is not for nothing that they annually drive the Savanna Rally here.

In the morning we leave towards Cabendadorp, a native village where we will visit a pottery. By forest roads and overflowed creeks we visit the old railway line in Berlin Savannah. We drive through the O.P. savanna and the forest to savanna Kwakoegron and the Sarramaccariver. In Kwakoegron (former terminal where the miners got out and continued on their journey deeper into the hinterland to the gold fields) we will have a break from the first part of the trip while enjoying a tasty Surinam lunch.

In the afternoon we leave by jeep to the neighboring native village piking Sharon for a brief tour and then we will go back through the small Coesewijne savanna and Zanderij to Paramaribo.

Jeep Safari 2 or 3 days? Ask for the possibilities!