Day Trips

Brownsberg nature reserve

 The Brownsberg Nature Reserve is a 3 hour drive from Paramaribo to the Brokopondo district. Brokopondo covers approximately 12,000 hectares! You will hear the story of bauxite...

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City Bike Tour By Night

The Paramaribo city tour by night is a tour that gives a taste of the nightlife in Paramaribo. Together with our guide, you will explore both lifestye, history and culture - all this on a bike!...

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Onder De Markt

Cooking workshop


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Nieuw Amsterdam

Fort Nieuw Amsterdam and Peperpot bike trip

Fortress Nieuw Amsterdam was built in the 18th century near to the Surinam river to protect plantations against invaders and pirates. The fortress is now an open air museum. Peperpot is an old...

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Frans Guyana Dag tour

Tour programmStarting in Paramaribo at 07:00AM, we take a private bus towards Albina. The journey takes about 2 hours. Afterwards we cross the Maroni, which is a river...

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Presidentail Palace

Paramaribo city trip

After arrival in a strange city it is nice to experience the most important parts of the city. By doing this tour it is possible to have this experience. Our guide will take you through the...

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Squirrel monkey

Peperpot plantation biketrip

Peperpot is an old plantation, not far from Paramaribo on the other side of the Surinam river. At the old factory there are still two old plantation houses, an old coffee warehouse from 1808 and...

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Braamspunt zeeschildpad

sea turtle night tour

Discover the beach and sea turtles during this day trip to Braamspunt....

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Warrapa creek

The Warappa Creek trip contains a combination of different aspects like history, culture and nature. The Warappa creek is a creek that is cultivated in the Commewijne river around 1740 by...

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