Brownsberg nature reserve

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The Brownsberg Nature Reserve is a 3 hour drive from Paramaribo to the Brokopondo district. Brokopondo covers approximately 12,000 hectares! You will hear the story of bauxite, energy production and the transmigration villages that you pass on the way to Brownsberg. There's a stunning view over the Brokopondo reservoir at the foot of the mountain. Once you're at the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking, a great moment to capture in a photo. The mountain has a lot of wildlife like forest rabbits, beautiful butterflies, trumpet birds, snakes, squirrel monkeys, and even more animals that live in this reserve.
Besides the spotting of wildlife and the wonderful panorama, the Brownsberg offers also two waterfalls that are absolutely worth a visit. You can reach the Leoval within a half an hour by foot. The Ireneval is a little further and the walk is a bit more difficult. But once you are there, you'll enjoy the cool natural massage of the beautiful waterfall. Once you're completely relaxed you're invited to climb back up again for a nice Surinamese lunch.