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Cooking workshop

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v.a Euro 30,-

If you like cozy cooking with a glass of wine (or anything else) within reach, then you should join this course. You're able to choose between a pom, a bojo or a good old-fashioned moksi alesi. Choose your dish and our cook will accompany you while you prepare it yourself. You have nothing to worry about because we will pick you up and bring you to the workshop location. After cooking, we will enjoy the prepared dishes, with some glasses of juice. After this you will be brought back home. A cooking course takes depending on the dishes 4 to 5 hours.

The workshops will be held at the cook’s home, so you will experience an authentic atmosphere.

Option Palepu is € 30.00

This is a basic workshop where you'll prepare and enjoy one or two dishes with a glass of refreshing cold water. In this workshop, you have to take care of your own transportation.

Option Tamarinde € 42,00

During this workshop you're able to cook 2 or 3 meals with some alcoholic beverages that are included in the price. The transport of this option is fully taken care of.  They will bring you to the location and return you home.

Option Antroewa € 65.00

With this option you will go shopping at the market with a guide. Later you will go to the cooking location to get started with 2 or 3 dishes while enjoying a glass of wine/beer/juice/soft drinks.