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Fort Nieuw Amsterdam and Peperpot bike trip

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Fortress Nieuw Amsterdam was built in the 18th century near to the Surinam river to protect plantations against invaders and pirates. The fortress is now an open air museum. Peperpot is an old coffee and cacao plantation that was taken over by the family Jansen in the 19th century. At the old  plantation we can still find two old plantation houses, a coffee warehouse from 1808 and an old coffee and cacao factory. The plantation was used until 1996.


From the starting point 'Fietsen in Suriname' we’ll cycle to Leonsberg. At Leonsberg we cross the Surinam river to Fortress Nieuw Amsterdam. The fortress has a strategic position, it is situated at the point where the Commewijne river comes into the Surinam rivier and flow together into the ocean. After visiting the fortress and the little village Nieuw Amsterdam we’ll cycle along the Surinamerivier. Several buildings and places here are renamed after plantations that used to stand here. We will also see some canals and sluices that remain from the plantation area. We will pass several mosques, temples and Javanese and Hindustan houses. After cycling some kilometers we’ll reach the plantation Peperpot. During this tour you will experience a fine combination of history, culture and nature.

Inclusive: bicycle, guide, boat, lunch, entrance and drinks.