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Peperpot plantation biketrip

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Euro 50,-

Peperpot is an old plantation, not far from Paramaribo on the other side of the Surinam river. At the old factory there are still two old plantation houses, an old coffee warehouse from 1808 and a coffee and cacao factory. This plantation was used until 1996.

Not only is Peperpot a famous attraction for tourists, but also for birdwatchers. If you are lucky, you will find different kinds of animals like squirrels, monkeys, capuchin monkeys and sapakaras (giant lizards).


We’ll go to Meerzorg at the other side of the river by korjaal (little wooden boat). From there on, we will start our bicycle tour, this tour will go mainly over sandy roads. Along the way to Peperpot we’ll see a lot of Javanese and Hindustan houses. Close to the plantation we’ll find the old coffee and cacao trees. When we arrive at the old plantation we're able to see the old factory. After visiting Peperpot we cycle back to Meerzorg where we will enjoy our lunches and take the boat back to Paramaribo. A bicycle tour to the plantation Peperpot is a fine combination of history, nature and meeting the pleasant Javanese inhabitants of Meerzorg.

Inclusive: bicycle, guide, boat, lunch, entrance and drinks.