Warrapa creek

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The Warappa Creek trip contains a combination of different aspects like history, culture and nature. The Warappa creek is a creek that is cultivated in the Commewijne river around 1740 by settlers who founded sugar, cotton and coffee plantations. The last part of the creek to the Atlantic Ocean, was manually excavated by the slaves. After the abolition of slavery, the creek silted. During the search for their roots in 2007, Marcha Mormon and her husband Bas Spek found that the creek was not navigable. During the excavation of the creek they came across wonderful things. After the excavation, Bas and Marcha established a foundation: “Foundation Warappa”. This foundation is involved in the deployment of sustainable tourism and educational activities.

The tour begins with a trip to Alkmaar; a former plantation in the district Commewijne. From here we will travel by boat over the Commewijne river to plantation Reynsdorp; also called “Bakkie”, where you can enjoy from a cup of coffee. We also visit the plantation and take a look at the museum where precious historical relics are on display.

The tour continues to the Warappakreek. Through a tunnel of mangrove trees the guide tells you all about the abandoned plantations. Occasionally we see in the jungle ruins of a lock, pillars and on one of the plantations there is even a remnant of the James Watt’s steam engine from 1830.

In short; a fun, educational trip in which culture, history and nature are discussed.

Combination with overnight on Bakkie is possible! Price: € 160,00