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Avanavero jungle

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With this activity, we make an exciting jeep tour through the Surinamese jungle to the border of Suriname and Guyana. Little people and a lot of wildlife makes a real spectacle from this tour.

Day 1

From Paramaribo, we drive past the airport to the southwest of Suriname. At the height of the airport we will drive up the dirt bosroads direction Apoera. We drive along three Indian villages (Pikin Saron, Alfonsdorp and Joseph Village ) and a maroon village (Witagron). The first night we spend at the Ams creek. In the rapids of the creek there is the opportunity to cool off. We spend the night in a hammock encampment.

Day 2

After an exciting night in the jungle, we pack in all of our stuff and drive to Avanavero. The route is not often used, so we will stop occasionally by fallen trees. We need to saw this trees with a chainsaw in order to continue. The chance of seeing animals is significant because few people come here. By the end of the morning we arrive at the Kabalebo. By boat we go to the island Wanawiro where we will spend the next two nights at the lodge. The lodge is equipped with comfortable beds with mosquito nets and shared toilet facilities. On site there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the waterfall at the Avanavero falls. If the water level permits it, we will see ancient petroglyphs. In the evenings we will go on an adventure and look for alligators, snakes and other wild animals that are active at night and may cross our path.

Day 3

After breakfast we depart for a brisk walk and the climbing the Avanaveromountain. At the top of the mountain is an old telephone pole, a remnant of the many activities that took place in the seventies in this area. After a strenuous climb we rest and we enjoy the peace and the view. Through the other side of the mountain we go down and we will be brought back to the river. Later in the afternoon there will still be the possibility to swim, relax or fish in the falls.

Day 4

Today we will take it easy and enjoy the environment. In the afternoon we leave the lodge and we drive to Apoera. We take a look at the town, which was originally an Indian village. By the end of the afternoon we leave Apoera behind and drive toward Blanche Marie. We drive a bit in the dark, so it’s more likely that we can spot wildlife. we will arrive at Blanche Marie when it's dark. Here we will spend the night in hammocks.

Day 5

After the night, you will wake up in a whole new environment. After breakfast we walk to the falls, it's a short walk of fifteen minutes. We can bath under the waterfalls. By the end of the morning we will head back to Paramaribo, where we will arrive at the beginning of the evening.

Includes: accommodation, transport, guide, meals, drinks.

To bring: sunscreen, swimsuit, warm clothing, shoes with good profile, flashlight, insect repellent, camera, towel.