• Rode Ibis aan het jagen
  • Rode Ibis strijkt neer om te eten
  • Modderbad op Bigipan

Bigipan Nickerie nature reserve

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Euro 155

Bigi Pan Nature Reserve, located in the district of Nickerie is a large stretch of open water where you're able to find many different bird species. In Bigi Pan you'll spot the famous Red Ibis with its beautiful red color, the pink flamingo, the white heron (Sabaku) and multiple types of raptor birds.

Day 1

We travel by bus to Nickerie, during the four-hour drive we drive along the Wanica district, the Saramacca district, the Coronie district and eventually arive at our final destination the Nickerie district. In Nickerie, also known as the second capital city of Suriname, you have the opportunity to have a drink and to eat something. After the break you'll be brought to a relaxing boat trip along the river through the mangrove trees, to Bigi Pan. Arriving at Stephanie's Lodge, located right of the large water surface, is where you will stay overnight, there is a delicious meal and there is the opportunity for swimming, kayaking or just lying in the hammock.

At the end of the afternoon, the guide will bring you with a boat for bird watching and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. In the evening, after a hot meal there is an exciting boat trip to spot alligators and other wildlife.

Day 2

Enjoying a delicious breakfast on the water, you have a beautiful view of the lake Bigi Pan. If the water level is high enough, we sail after breakfast to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean, where we will take a mud bath. This is an experience you can’t miss. Taking a mud bath is very good for your skin! Once back at Stephanie's Lodge, you still have time for yourself and there you will have the opportunity to relax in the hammock or enjoy a swim. After a hot lunch we return to Paramaribo. You have the feeling that you really have been away from it all!