Blanche Marie waterfalls

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EURO 350,-

This 4-day tour takes you out with 4-wheel drive jeeps through an unspoiled rainforest to one of Surinamese largest and most beautiful waterfalls. Furthermore, there are also visits to the native village Apoera and to the railway line.

Along the way you pass the Amerindian and Maroon villages Alfonsdorp Witagron and Pikin Saron. Our experienced guide will learn you a lot about the nature and culture of these villages, alsoyou will be able to spot a lot of wildlife. The guide can often hear something moving in the trees, or hear a jungle sound, long before anyone else had noticed. Sometimes you'll also drive in the evening looking for wildlife. The chance of seeing something is then much higher than during the daytime. You sleep in a hammock camp along creeks and the guesthouse Dubois.

Blanche Marie is about 7 to 8 hours from Paramaribo, but unexpected circumstances could affect this course. Sometimes there are fallen trees we have to drag to the side to continue. It is a real jungle adventure!