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Pingpe jungle resort

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Prijs per persoon: 
v.a Euro 285,-

Pingpe is a jungle resort located on the Boven-Suriname rivier. From Atjoni it is about 3 hours sailing. You can also take the plane to Djumu; the nearest airtrip.

When you take the boat to sail to Pingpe you will pass several Saramaccan villages and you can already catch a glimpse of the traditional village life; the laundry is done in the river and the kids play in the water. You can also enjoy the peace and serenity of the beautiful nature. The beginning of the tour by a motorized canoe is already an extraordinary experience!

When we arrive on Pingpe, you will be welcomed by the Saramaccan staff and its owner, Chapeau. You will learn immediately some words in Saramaccan. The cabins have single- and double beds with a mosquito net, a shower, a toilet and a veranda overlooking the river. Of course you are free to swim in the river and visit the Tapawatrafalls at the the Gran Rio and the Rio Pikin River. You will also visit a medical center in Djumu and a school where women can settle and get a second chance to learn to read and write.

In the evening you can dance along with the Saramaccan women who like to show and teach you how you should dance. It is also possible to look for caimans on a nighttime expedition. Besides all these activities there is also plenty of time for you to lay in the hammock and to relax.

It is also possible to bring one or more days and nights in the jungle; demand for the Back 2 Basic option!