Ralleighvallen and Voltzberg nature reserve

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Raleighvallen is located in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The reserve offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. The intensive journey to the top of the Voltzberg is rewarded with a stunning view over the tropical rainforest. Furthermore, there are many waterfalls where one can relax after an intense and educative journey. Nocturnal walks for animal spotting are also on the program. This place is also known for the unique appearance of the “cock of the rock” and is known by bird watchers around the globe.

Day 1

At 9.00 a.m. we leave by car to Witagron where we have lunch. After our lunch, the boats are loaded for the boat trip to the Raleighvallen. Upon arrival we meet the manager, after that we can view the accommodation. In the afternoon we will do some hiking, explore the island and if desired, take a dip in the river.

Day 2

After breakfast we get ready for the ride through the forest to the Voltzberg. This tour is very interesting and impressive. One can encounter many animals, such as monkeys, birds and wild boars. Highlight on this day is of course the climb to the top (240m) where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the tropical rainforest. In the afternoon we return to the lodge. After dinner, there is still some time to socialize.

Day 3

After breakfast we depart by boat to the breathtaking mother waterfall. At 13:00 we have lunch. In the afternoon we make a journey to the Anjoemaravallen. Here you can stand under the waterfall and enjoy the cool water. We will make a stop at the Copie islands were one can play soccer with the locals or accompanied by guides float downstream the water with life jackets to the basecamp (Fungu island). After dinner, one can socialize and if desired watch a cultural show with singing and dancing by the local Raleigh boys.

Day 4

Around 10:00 we leave by boat to Witagron from which we return by car to Paramaribo.