• Uitzicht op het Brokopondo stuwmeer
  • Brownsberg
  • Brownsberg
  • Uitzicht vanaf de voet van de Brownsberg
  • Stone Island
  • Overnachting in een hangmat op Stone Island
  • Overnachting op Stone Island
  • Stone Island

Brownsberg combined Stone Island

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Prijs per persoon: 
Euro 125,-


The combined tour to Brownsberg and Stone Island is a very nice trip, with lots of variety. On the mountain, you can spot many beautiful animals, like the 8 Surinamese apes, tarantulas, snakes, frogs, konkonnies, birds and many other animals. Besides spotting lots of wildlife, Brownsberg offers also magnificent viewpoints about the Brokopondo lake and the tropical rainforest. Deep within the forest, you can hear the impressive sound of the howler monkeys. You can do adventurous hikes to several waterfalls. After an exciting and adventurous hike down the mountain, you can enjoy of a natural massage of the waterfalls and climb afterwards back to the top of the mountain for a deliscious meal.


The Brownsberg nature reserve is 3 hours to drive from Paramaribo. The Brokopondo district covers approximately 12,000 hectares. On the way to Brownsberg, you will hear the story of bauxite, energy production and about the transmigration villages you pass. After a nice and active day at Brownsberg we will drive to Stone Island where you can stay in a bed or in a hammock. On Stone Island, you have the opportunity to go swimming, take nice walks or just relaxing in the hammock while you reading a book or enjoying the view. There will be sailed on the lake and you have the chance to spot many beautiful birds.